Summer time!

Can I just say I am so darn proud of my clients! I have a number of clients that work there butts of literally!!! Weight loss isn’t easy, its actually really really hard and takes a whole lot of work and they have defiantly been logging the hours. You know who you are….and keep kicking butt!

With that said summer is here and it is HOT! Just wanted to share a fun summer recipe with you all!

COcOnUt Water PoPsIcLeS


Whaattt I know your probably just as excited as I was to hear about this recipe! I love me some coconut water!

Its super simple all you need is….

1 x Container of Coconut Water
6 x Strawberries
handful of blueberries
& 1 set of Popsicles Containers!

And like magic and some freezing time of course you have a healthy summer treat! Wonderful for kids, adults, and us adults that want to be kids!


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