Cardio Cardio Cardio!

Hello Monday! Happy Memorial Day to everyone! Hope you got a chance to catch some of the warm rays out there; it’s so been beautiful all weekend!


Recently a handful of my clients have been asking me about cardio, what exactly should I be doing? I try and load up my clients with as much information as I possibly can in 25 minutes but it’s just never enough time!

To sum it up there’s a ton of ways to do cardio but I like to categorize cardio two ways. The first (and my fav)is HIIT training which stands for high intensity cardio and second LISS which stands for low intensity steady state.  HIIT training is 15-20 minutes of high intensity intervals which may not burn a lot of calories initially but triggers your metabolism to run a little faster all day creating a larger calorie deficient overall. LISS is moderate cardio for a greater amount of time, for most around an hour staying under 65% of your max heart rate. Since you are working out longer initially you will be burning more calories however it doesn’t trigger your metabolism in the same way so you don’t have as great as a after burn throughout you day.

Even though I personally prefer HIIT and I think it is more effective I think using both HIIT and LISS is the best approach for fat burn. Remember our bodies are built to adapt so we have to continually change our routines to reach our goals.

I recommend doing HIIT on days that your not doing heavy lifting and placing a little bit of LISS after you’re lifting.

Here is a HIIT Cardio workout to throw into your routine to break the repetition.  This can be done on the treadmill or outside.

10 minute brisk walk

5 sets of 10-30 second intervals (all out, everything

you’ve with 1-4  minutes rest In between intervals)

10 minute brisk walk to cool down

Hope this is helpful Remember if you have any questions please shoot me an email I would love to help you out! 



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