Do the Jumpy Jump!



What is a plyometric you ask? We’ll let me tell you….

A plyometric movement is one in which the feet leave the ground at the same times , such as a jump squat, and then land together as well.

A jumping squat is superior to a regular squat for building power, coordination, and stability. Don’t get me wrong a weighted squat has many advantages and it great for strength building. I love me some back squats!!!

However the reason plyometric should ABSOLUTELY be a part of your workout routine is due to the positive impact on bone growth, functionality, and improved body composition!

Plyometrics  = Improved body composition =  ripped!

When exercise is done at higher intensities like 85 percent of your heart rate max or to muscle fatigue hormones such as (HGH) human growth hormone and testosterone are released into the bloodstream. These hormones along with adrenaline and cortisol have been proven to create a fat burning effect on the body.

Don’t be afraid ladies, natural producing testosterone is absolutely necessary for lean muscle mass that will rev up your metabolism and sculpt your body!



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