Don’t be afraid of the bar

Muscles are beautiful, Ladies don’t be afraid of some weight!


Build the body you really want

Hours of cardio every week is not the best way to build a lean and strong body. Most women want to slim down; they want lower levels of body fat and feminine curves. Unfortunately when most women decide to start exercising, they automatically start doing hours of cardio each and every week. If they do “strength train”, it usually consists of machines or dumbbell exercises with very light weight for high reps.

If you want to shed body fat, build some rockin’ feminine curves and look better in (and out of) your clothes, then you need to lift weights (barbells, dumbbells, your bodyweight, kettlebells, etc) and get stronger.

Increase self-confidence

Most women aren’t aware of the physical strength they truly possess. However, once they increase their strength and start squatting and deadlifting there bodyweight, or knocking out flawless sets of push-ups, pull-ups and  bar dips, they become aware of their true abilities.

This new sence of power and  strength pour over into all aspects of your life. Getting stronger and doing physical feats you didn’t know were possible will teach you “what you are made of” and increase your self confidence.

Stress relief

Once you’re deadlifting and/or squatting twice your bodyweight, you won’t get overwhelmed or upset by the little things. So what if your coworker made a stupid comment at work – you can deadlift twice your bodyweight, for reps.

Leads to positive goals

If you strength train with the primary goal of improving your performance in the gym, you are setting yourself up for success. Too many women enter the gym, mount a piece of cardio equipment, and track the calories burned that are displayed by the machine. That becomes their only focus and concern in the gym – burning calories.

Unlike cardio, strength training is a great way to set positive, motivating goals that will keep you going to the gym week after week, month after month, and year after year. And not to mention, allow you to achieve the body transforming results you’re after.

Once you achieve some of those performance goals, your body will have transformed, and you’ll enjoy the journey it took to get there.

 To prevent diseases such as osteopenia and osteoporosis.

It’s is very important for women to participate in load bearing activities, especially as we get older, to prevent these conditions and diseases.

This just goes to show that strength training has benefits beyond the aesthetic realm. Sure, lifting weights and getting stronger will allow you to look rockin, but it can also greatly improve your health and quality of life.

Talking about lifting, yesterdays workout

For total load: Front Squat 7-5-3 (rest 1:30) 

“Air Force”

For time:

20 Thrusters 95/65

20 Sumo-high pulls

20 Push Jerks

20 Overhead squats

20 front squats

(4 burpees every minute)

I was pretty much exhausted after this, then again is that really different from any other day I do Crossfit haha




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