Battle wounds

Happy Monday folks!  Well its still 75 degrees and sunny in good ol AZ! In fact our community pool had a handful of sun bathers’ soaking up  the sun this weekend. Only in Arizona!

 I took full advantage of my morning and sleep in till 9!

 Breakfast time


A new Delicious Discover! MANGO + TEA = I’m in!!!! I do love me some trader joes

 I headed to crossfit for a late morning class


The  WOD was with a partner for time

50 Pullups

800 meter run with barbell

50 front squats (from ground) 135/95

50 bar facing burpees

800 meter run with barbell

50 pullups  

 Since we were working with a partner, we could split up the exercises anyway we wanted to except for the run which we ran together. One partner holding the bar in front and the other partner holding the bar trailing right behind. 

 It was a rough WOD, I was BEAT! Our time was 29:15


Im not sure why but a few hours later I headed back for some kettlebell

 We worked on snatches, push presses, and cleans and then headed into our ridiculousness of a WOD!

 Menu of joy…….a partner WOD that includes

For time

250 meter kettlebell carry of 3 kb 44/26

30 snatchs right arm

30 snatches left arm

40 push press 2 arms

50 american swings

250 meter kb carry  

My partner and I finished in 17:12 that means we didn’t put a single kb down for 17 minutes!

 I’m just gona say between the 2 workouts I’m fried! And I have the battle wounds to show for it!

Did anyone get your cyber Monday on? Find any good buys? Sadly I didn’t, but there’s always next year.  


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