Keep Dreaming….

I love FITNESS and everything related to it! I get all nerdy when it comes to body mechanics and anatomy. I absolutely love training my clients; there is nothing more I would rather be doing! The best decision I have ever made was to get my certification. There isn’t a better feeling in the world then to contribute to someone’s happiness, to push someone, to see the smile after nailing something they thought impossible! To join in on the celebration of their success!

I think life is about getting sweating  and discovering the beauty the world has to offer!  I try to fill my days with Hiking, swimming, running, cycling, jump rope, kayaking, strength training, crossfit, lifting, kettlebells, gymnastics, and dancing!

I’ll I want to do is Focus on training, on being the best trainer I can be but sometimes that seems impossible. There is so much information out there and just not enough time and especially money. Expenses are always popping up and jobs not having to do with my training take up my time.

I just keep pushing through and looking forward to that one day when everything just starts to fall into place…Until then I’ll keep a smile on my face, jam out in my car when I’m feeling frustrated, chat with my mama when I’m feeling defeated and never stop dreaming and working towards my goal!

What do you do when you’re feeling discouraged?

I put together new fitness goals and set a plan in action! Shocker I know LOL

Something I’m seriously thinking about doing is running a marathon, it’s always been on my bucket list but I just suck at long distance running! For me this would force a lot of discipline and be a really huge accomplishment. However it would take away from the effort I’m putting into being a better crossfit athlete. Decisions decisions…..hmmmmmm

Have you run a marathon? What are your thoughts on them?

Crossfit today was RICDICULOUS!!!!!!!

For time

30 Double unders unbroken

20 burpees

30 kettlebell swings 44/70

20 burpees

30 over the box jumps 20in

20 burpees

30 kellebell swings 44/70

20 burpees

30 over the box jumps 20in

20 burpees

30 double unders unbroken

I felt like death after this one! It was great!


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