kettlebell madness

Perfect chilly morning with some chai tea…..mmmmmmm

Kettlebell training…..Have you heard about it?

I’m beginning to love it! I’ve been taking classes twice a week for about a month now so that I can learn the proper technique and start incorporating it into my fitness program as well as my clients programs.

Why I think Kettlebells are AWESOME!

You can fit in a quick workout – 30 minutes or less – that hits all your major muscle groups.

Increase core stability, and by core I mean obliques, abdominals, back and adductors.

Combination of cardio and strength training. The kettlebell workout involves a circuit that gets your heart rate up while it strengthens muscles. Heat rate up = more calories burned=sculpted body!

Once you learn the proper technique; you can get in a full body workout without having to use multiple machines or even go to a gym.

Kettlebell routines can be created for everyone, and ladies if you’re looking for a butt lift get a kettlebell! Your welcome 😉

Remember cardio isn’t just running, or working on a cardio machine in the gym its anything that gets your heart rate up!


Check out this beginner kettlebell workout

P.S. I want this shirt!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!


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