Weight Lifting

First things first! Morning coffee mmmmmm…..

Snack and lunch for the day….

And now I can head to work and kick some butts :)!!!!

After work I headed to my first weight lifting class! As well as being a CrossFit gym the box I recently started going to is a weight lifting gym too. They also offer a bunch of great classes like kettlebell, running club, mobility, conditioning, strong man, and fundamental classes. I love it all!

I’ve been wanting to attend a weight lifting class all month and finally moved my schedule around a little so I could fit some in. And I’m sure  glad I did, I learned a whole lot out of just one class.

What I got accomplished

Snatch work …work in progress

Back squats 4 sets of 4 @ 80 pounds

Plus some conditioning…I even joined in with the girls at the end to do some pullup and handstands. I really considered coming back to the gym in the evening for the WOD. pssssh what was I thinking now that I’m back home and reality has set in, I can already feel it I’m gonna be sore tomorrow!

Just about in the middle of week 6 in my CrossFit adventures and were about 2 months from the new year, what the perfect time to put a list of short-term goals together to accomplish by 2013!

So here it is….

Clean 85 pounds

Be able to Snatch

Front squat 95 pounds

Back squat over 100 pounds

Overhead squat 75 pounds

I handstand pushup

50 unbroken DU’s

I strict pullup

I kipping pullup

20 toe to bar

10 regular man pushups chest to floor

Deadlift 120 pounds

Strict shoulder press 65 pounds

Push press 85 pounds

3 dips

Rx a workout

What are some of your fitness goals?


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