It kind of hurts to laugh….I love it! CrossFit WOD was definitely challenging last night, I had to scale down the scaled version ugh I can’t wait until I can do Rx’ed workouts!

For total load:
Front Squat 7-5-3
(rest 1:30 between lifts)

For time (scaled workout)
5 handstand wall walks
25 dips
50 pull ups
75 sit ups
50 pushups
25 leg levers

5 burpee to pull up      

For time:
250m Row   

Front squat #65, 65, 85

 WOD 19:45 Row 1:06  

Question for all those CrossFiters out there, how long did you do CrossFit before you were able to start RX’ing your workouts?


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