Winter is getting closer, today is the first day I really felt a slight chill to the air! I absolutely love it!

Pre workout energy…..

Berry and banana almond milk egg white paleo protein smoothie…lol


*2 servings of egg whites

*1/4 of a banana

*about 8 strawberries

*1/2 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk


Blend together and enjoy!

Crossfit workout today

30 rounds for time:
3 Wall Ball #14
5 Pushups
1 Power Clean #55

Today’s workout was a bit rough, pretty easy movements but pretty darn long. My final time 28:25.

I felt like I could have easily gone heavier, but I twicked my arm during a dance performance last week and was a little worried about making it worse. Luckily it gave me the confirmation I needed to start working it out again, my arm/ shoulder feels great! While I was cleaning up I was watching a lot of the competitors practice walking handstands and handstands pushups, I CANT wait to prefect those! I love CrossFit!


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