Barbells for boobs

Barbells for boobs! I had some much fun at b4b on saturday, but let’s take a second and rewind to the beginning of the day…

I was so looking forward to sleeping in this morning; I was pretty exhausted from being up way past my bedtime dancing Friday night. Yet there I was lying in bed wide awake at 6 a.m. ugh! So I got busy around the house tiding up and catching up on some netflix.

The later part of my afternoon lead up to the b4b tour at my own gym, east valley crossfit! It was my first crossfit competition I have ever attended and I was super stoked! It was all that and more; the atmosphere was electric, music spinning, and competitors getting pumped up for the event. All the athletes really inspired me, and I’m ready to put a new level of focus on crossfit! I feel like I’m really starting to fall into a routine at the gym and plan to continue challenging myself with weights and techniques. I’m also trying to put a lot of effort into nutrition, is always been my biggest hurtle to overcome! I’ve been incorporating paleo dishes into my meal planning, and plan on continuing to do so!



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