Paleo Love

Well my one week Paleo trial is complete and I feel GREAT! I truly do feel better, I feel a lot better than I have in months and my diet is the only thing I’ve changed. Looks like I’m going to do another week of Paleo, maybe more…

My experiences this week

I realized really fast that Paleo requires a lot of pre planning, preparation and cooking (which is an adventure for me lol) but I think the end result is absolutely worth it! I was pretty unsure at first because dairy, grains, and beans are all omitted from your diet. As I mentioned I’m not very talented in the kitchen so I wasn’t sure how this relationship was really going to work. I mean I pretty much live off, oatmeal, nut butter sandwiches, whey protein powder, and premade dishes from trader Joes/ fresh and easy.  Just about all of those contain either grains or dairy! As I was preparing to take on this week I found a website called which was full of TONS of recipes, and I picked 5 went to the store and followed the recipes the best I could. Overall everything turned out really well…eh there was my no grain pizza dough mishap, lucky for me Nick was able to save the meal and all was ok with the world!!!!

Looking forward to my upcoming week of cooking, on the menu….

Monday: Grilled Lemon Herb Chicken with Maple butternut squash mash

Tuesday: Paleo Spaghetti

Wednesday: Portabella BLT with sweet potato fries

Thursday: Slow cooker vegetable chicken soup

Friday: Coconut chicken nuggets and paleo BBQ sauce



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