Biggest Loser

I just read an article about Jillian Michaels coming back to the biggest loser in January! I’m so unbelievably excited, and wait it gets better….she going to be dealing with childhood obesity,  she will be training teens ages 13-17.

Nothing makes me more upset than seeing children that are obese.  Of course genetics does play a role in the way a child will develop, however what the parents are feeding them and the example they are leading them with is way more damaging. A child isn’t born with bad habits, they are absolutely created! In my opinion when you become a parent setting an active example and healthy eating habits is just as important as showing your child affection or taking them do the doctor when they get sick. After all you want the best for your child.


Quick dinner tonight some chicken stir fry with a little bit of sweet and sour sauce from fresh and easy

And some delicious unsweetened dried mangos! I’ve never had unsweetened dried fruit before, I like it even better than the dried fruit with all the added sugar


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