Happy Monday!

Just got back from CrossFit class number one at the new gym. It was great, I think im really going to enjoy the programing at this gym. Every gym is a little bit different, but this new gym only has one level of classes, so everyone works together. Of course modifications can be made if needed and they also offer weigh lifting classes and fundamental classes to help perfect the technique. I’m really excited to learn more about olympic lifting, I think it will really help my training!

Todays WOD

7:00 to establish: Clean & Jerk 1RM

“Lauriel” For Time:  (20 minute cap)

23 Deadlifts 

23 Handstand Pushups

23 Back Squats 23 Burpees

23 Ground-to-Overhead

(I did regular push ups instead of handstand push ups, not there yet…soon! )

My time was 11:01 🙂

CrossFit worked up our appetites which lead me and Nick to how do you roll for some sushi. I decided to try something a little different, I ordered my roll with no rice. It was really good, I didn’t miss the grains at all, and I was actually able to eat my sushi in one bite and not feel like I was choking because of the mass size of the roll lol (hopefully I’m not the only one that has  a problem eating HUGE sushi rolls).


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