Week 1 CrossFit Challenge

Ok so I’m head over heels with CrossFit, in fact most of my friends and clients know all about this new romance. However I realize not everyone has access to a CrossFit gym and there may be many of you that have no idea what CrossFit is.

CrossFit is “Constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.”

I have a challenge for you!  This is a 30 day CrossFit at home challenge! No excuses, give it a try…I would love to hear all about your experience! Good luck!

Week 1

Day 1: 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 10 air squats (5 rounds)
Day 2: Run 1/2 mile, 25 (or 50 if you can) air squats (3 rounds)
Day 3: 20 lunges, 10 push-ups (5 rounds)
Day 4: Longer run (or whatever it is that you like to do–biking, swimming, etc), *Add-on: 1 minute front plank, and 1 minute plank on each side
Day 5: Rest day!
Day 6: 50-100 jumping jacks, 25 air squats 20 push-ups, for time (keep a record of your time.
Day 7: Run 1 mile for time

*rounds dont include rest. For example day 1 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 air squats then go right into the second round (rest if you need to but the purpose is to push yourself)


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