I’m a blogger

I'm a blogger

Happy Monday!
For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Cassandra and I’m a personal trainer in the downtown phoenix area. I’ve been training for about 2 years and i LOVE it! About 6 years ago I was completely lost in life; I was depressed and physically sick not to mention about 160 pounds. (not exactly healthy for my 5’3 frame) I was working and going to school completely unsure of myself. Over the next 3 years my weight went up and down in completely unhealthy ways. It wasn’t until a breakdown after a friend’s death about 3 years ago that lead me to seek help. Over the next year I really started to see things clearly and I started educating myself on living a healthy life. I felt better than I ever had mentally and physically, I was stronger and more driven and I decided to go back to school to become a personal trainer! I really wanted to help others that have faced what I have faced. I’m very happy with where my life has taken me, but with any addiction it’s something that you have to deal with every day. There are great days! and others days where we make it by…but we gotta just keep moving on.
This blog is me going through life, striving to live a healthy life physically and mentally and hopefully helping a few others along the way!


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